12 January 2009

Playing Catch-up

I'm truly having trouble getting into the swing of 2009. Don't get me wrong - happy to see it - always happy to see a new year, but.... I have so many loose ends - a lot of new household biz - family birthdays left and right - definitely can't focus right now. Let's talk later this week, agreed? Happy 2009, all.

My mind now is touching on - but not staying on - so many random things lately: the sweet little striped polo that my son, Enzo, wore on our first family beach trip sitting on a pile of Salvation Army bags in the late 2008 snow - discarded - sniff (my nostalgia clouded for a moment the fact that someone in need could use that little shirt) - the space in our hall where the piano used to sit and where our oldest daughter, Olivia, once practiced piano as a sweet little grade schooler (she's now a distant middle schooler and some guy named Butch has already moved and dismantled the piano for $50). See? I'm in no shape to write.

"Talk" soon .....

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