01 December 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm taking some time to work with my "design" a bit, and I'm, "researching" in order to post a forum on what Thanksgiving recipes worked for me - for others - what didn't, etc. (after all, we still have a lot of holiday parties, dinners, etc. coming up) - All this inspired, by the way, by our happy success with the new recipes we tried in our family this holiday..... Anyway - I'm going to be a bit "delayed" in posting anything of interest or lengthy but... wanted to say "happy holidays" to all. Post-season, I'm already thinking... it would be great to get some "what worked" - "what didn't" shopping reports (thus far - for me - electronics bargains great - Nordstrom doing a sale on Black Friday - unheard of! - and.... Whole Foods seems to have come down in price - ???? So... hopefully... everyone is thinking, shopping, etc. (particularly "thinking", etc. - given this shaky economy :(. Must go ... the babies are restless (another holiday phenomenon, eh?)....

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