06 November 2008

Self-esteem "Workshop"

I haven't had any time to blog lately - haven't written necessary thank yous for recent birthdays - haven't showered most days - definitely have not organized vital "stuff" like photos that need to be downloaded, clothes that need to be taken to Good Will or Salvation Army, etc. - I eat lunch standing up lately, have my coffee go cold daily, wade through piles of toys and work around dirty breakfast dishes until well past lunchtime - Let's just say.... I'm busy.... and a bit frazzled. Baby is walking - preschool for four year old is in full swing - middle schooler's sports are picking up pace - two year old has decided he likes gymnastics class and wants to go again and again. On top of that, holiday shopping has to start, trick or treat just passed, school has only been in session a few months so the homework routine is still shaky - I have to face it; this season is busy.

This brings up an interesting point. And... I must say, on the front-end of this rant, that I am a lifetime food-watcher, nutritionally conscious, a seasoned exerciser and former dancer / athlete, and..... all that said.... who has time to eat right? diet off the baby weight? exercise AT ALL? even take a vigorous walk ( don't know about you, but we go at a toddler's pace around the neighborhood)? I'm a little tired of hearing personal trainers, parents of older children, doctors, etc. say...... you have to make time to exercise - you have to watch what you eat even if it means going out of your way to make that low fat salad (excuse me? Often, it is 4 pm and I realize I have gone foodless all day so I eat a cookie to avoid passing out). I mean I do ab work at midnight between teething baby wake-ups, I do arm work in the shower, I stretch each am while kids climb all over me - I do what I can.

I think we all need to be a little easier on ourselves. Focus on getting back to what makes us comfortable and healthy as opposed to the "perfect" image of your self - either through your eyes or another's. Having babies does change your body for a while, but you can get back to an active, happy you. Give yourself more credit for lifting the little ones all day (it really does work your arms) - eat a sweet now and then (eat the veggies, lean proteins, etc. to stay healthy and happy - the treats because you deserve it) - do your crunches, stretches and your weights for 10 min. or so - at least it's something and keeps you strong and flexible for running around with the kids. I mean -today, I may even pick up the pace a little when I walk the hood - then, allow myself a coffee drink - new yoga pants (can't wear my old jeans but I can look hot in my yoga pants :) - I may even ask my husband to rub my back (sometimes massages seem like a luxury, but.... a backrub is necessary for nursing and / or busy mothers - that post-pregnancy backache sucks, doesn't it? And... it lingers....).

Don't feel guilty. Use the slow cooker recipes (found some good ones in Real Simple recently), shop for new clothes if your old ones are tight, have fun with the kids and count what you do as exercise. Life is too short to worry about such silliness.

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