11 June 2010

Now - this is what I'm talking about!

A blog after my own heart. If you don't want to bookmark now, I will be following it here, so....

Thanks, TKW, for the referral.

Go there to hear more about how its Ok to admit that some days suck, and it's even better if you can find those little things, that I so often refer to, to make you HAPPY.

A warm cup of coffee - your little one searching for a rainbow in a stained glass window - an uninterrupted phone chat with a friend - a forgotten photo that makes you smile when you find it - a dollar that turns out to be a $5 bill in your wallet - your five year old remembering the octopus cake you baked for him over two years ago for his third birthday, just out of nowhere, asked about that day :-).... Little things.

In the moments of pure chaos, sometimes you find your zen. Haven't we talked about that here again and again?

Photos: Random happiness - from running in the fall leaves to marveling at a new goldfish or my #24 kicking butt on the basketball court. Snow, quiet nights in watching TV, trying new foods.... ALL good.

New moments of happiness being created today? Long wagon walk, strawberries dipped in sugar for lunch (graham crackers dipped in milk for dinner? ;-), relishing volunteer opportunities at daughter's new school, hubby going to grab some lunch and World Cup action at Piper's Pub with a friend, ....

Oh - and I totally stole this off another blog (and can't remember which one to give them the credit... will research. Anyway...), but... I like the kids' spaces on this site (Little Lavender). Totally where I am right now - organizing and making sense of my kids' rooms from 14 year old down to 2 year old. Can be fun once you get over that "curve" - right now, daunting.....

Found something to try... maybe you already have (but I am finding myself in BAAAAD need of some muscle repair lately - you know it's bad when you injure yourself doing nothing - so... am amping up some protein in lieu of new workout schedule, which, admittedly, may be contributing to my pain - Results SOON... definitely soon ;-): Bolthouse Farms "perfectly protein" bevies (coupon here if you're so inclined). I am currently diggin' on the mocha cappuccino and chocolate flavors.

And... this makes me happy because I like them both, but... looks like Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper may be getting married.

Remember - document those happy moments today. Feel free to tell me about them and / or send me photos. You know how I love that :-). I, for one, am making no excuses for my dirt-smeared, ice cream dripping down chin, pizza sauce on shorts, half-dressed / shirtless, boot-clad, wet for God knows whatever reason wild ones today (photos to come at later date). Enjoy your day!

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